Two Kangas, method: Inkjet and screen print
A Kanga is a typical African cloth. It always measures 1.50m by 1m, is constructed the same way and decorated with messages. The shown Kanga cloths are protesting against the widespread female genital mutilation.

«Rite of Passage» is the name of the ceremony that is rooted deep within ancient traditions. It describes the ritual which symbolises the transition from childhood to womanhood. «Right of no passage» signifies that each woman should have the right to say NO!

The violet Kanga shows red cloves with their flower heads sewn closed in the centre part of the cloth. Cloves are a symbol of resistance and is symbolising the grown woman in full bloom and beauty. The border of the Kanga is decorated with Johannis herbs. This plant is used as a remedy for curing cuts and as a relief for mental illness such as depression.

The centre part of the pink Kanga shows the genital mutilation on a toddler, with a cuddly rabbit, symbolising the child. Tools of the female circumcision are carelessly printed allover the cloth and are visualising the gross encroachment. The lilies in the border of the Kanga are symbolic for purity, femininity, innocence, virginity, hope, transience and death.

It is time to break the silence.
It is time to fight.
Female genital mutilation has nothing to do with religion, culture or tradition.
It is a crime against girls and women.
Waris Dirie